A.I. Meets Blockchain

Introducing the Smartchain; a dynamic multipurpose ecosystem that revolutionizes blockchain technology with the help of distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This new ecosystem leverages the promises of blockchain technology, such as its immutability and tokenization capabilities, and adds the overlaying architecture that is missing: the effective management, implementation, and connection of blockchains’ different uses and functionalities. The Shoptaki Smartchain offers a safe, efficient and global ecosystem for digitally transforming commercial processes.

Smart to its Core

The Smartchain builds on what Blockchain has to offer: its decentralized nature, smart contracts, and the immutability of data, but is also a vast improvement. The Smartchain is a hybrid of public and private blockchain infrastructure which allows for centralization in its processes. It is governed by a distributed A.I. system that automates processes and compliance activities so that they are performed 24/7 and in real time. This minimizes risk and maximizes security for all users and all transactions. The distributed A.I. system also makes decision-making easier for all its users thanks to decentralized identity management, risk profiling, transaction processing, predictive analytics, and policy enforcement performed in real time by collaborative A.I.


Future-Proof Security

The Smartchain allows all browsing and communication to be encrypted multiple times before reaching its final destination. This layered encryption, on top of a randomly selected routes from across the world ensures that all digital communication is near anonymous and untraceable. With Smartchain, each user has their own unhackable identity utilizing quantum-safe cryptography meaning that internet users can connect and relay data without revealing their identity . By implementing quantum resistant mathematical problems into the secure key exchange protocols, data transfers on the Smartchain will be as secure in the future as it is today.

Fast, Flexible & Energy-efficient

The Smartchain itself is a network, full of nodes and relationships. This allows high-speed querying and easier monitoring and predictive flagging of fraudulent activities. The Smartchain can settle an asset transfer or process a contract within a second, thanks to its decentralized voting consensus process with centralized decision making and block creation, all the while running its A.I. agents in parallel. The Shoptaki platform leverages trustless features in a traditional blockchain while maintaining certain centralized decision-making processes, so malicious activity can be better regulated. In addition, the Shoptaki platform server is engineered to facilitate consensus. For example, parties less responsive to voting will be replaced by more responsive ones.


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