Making global commerce a better, more efficient, and safer process for all by providing the best distributed A.I. solutions.

“At Shoptaki, we are taking the concept of blockchain to the next level in an effort to revolutionize the way we handle data and harness the power of A.I. We believe that people have the right to own their data - in a future where everything is connected, streamlined, and autonomous. The belief that technology can benefit humanity, not replace it, is at the core of Shoptaki.”

Blending ideas from data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the Shoptaki Smartchain is an intelligent hybrid blockchain which can revolutionize the financial domain. With its hybrid platform architecture, Shoptaki blockchain gives users the flexibility to host their blockchain environment on shared services or their local machine. With a unique consensus algorithm operated by artificial intelligence agents, Shoptaki can be utilized to build multi federated learning systems which can take machine learning and computing framework to new heights and create a truly autonomous platform.


The Shoptaki Smartchain is a hybrid software as a service. Users can either use their machine to host blockchain or they can use Shoptaki’s reliable shared cloud hosted platform. Users have the flexibility to create permissible chains as per their requirements and decide on their own application logic. With quantum security in place, each transaction is securely executed giving you full autonomy over your data. Consensus can be reached within fractions of a second and reduce latency in transaction validation.

Using data science, the Smartchain not only helps you with its smart prediction, it also audits your data and transactions so it maintains accuracy, security, and integrity. With unique data science visualization, client’s are able to effectively monitor their transaction and flow status. In addition to the underlying Shoptaki blockchain we have multi agent federated AI agents running and communicating with each other. The main goal of these multi agents is to learn and formulate useful insight which can be helpful in multiple scenarios. Capable of using small memory for optimization, these AI agents can virtually interconnect to act as a collaborative swarm


The Shoptaki Smartchain is a more secure, robust and capable technology poised to achieve the promised vision of distributed frameworks. With its intelligent architecture, Shoptaki can help transform businesses across domains while achieving a new level of security, granularity and modularity of policy enforcement that we can all depend on.