Privacy Made Easy

We empower internet users with the ability to freely inform, express and organize themselves.

Ghost is a smart-router that enables the average user with the ability to privately and securely use the internet by default.

No Installations. No Subscriptions. No Problems.


Smart Routing with Security by Design

  • Connection Anonymization

  • Quality of Service Management

  • Web Filtering, Ad-Blocking, & Malware Protection

  • End-to-End Encryption & DNS Leak Protection

  • Data Obfuscation & Tracking Protection

Not all data is equal. That’s why we took the liberty of optimizing the way Ghost handles different types of activities such as browsing, streaming, gaming, or downloading. Different services take different routes across the internet which means greater privacy and control for you. By leveraging privacy enhancing technologies, Ghost provides safeguards against censorship and privacy invasion across all your devices. Keeping your internet experience private, secure, and ad-free right out of the box.


Simple Set-Up

  • Plug-n-Play

  • No Installations Required

  • Compatible with any Wi-Fi Enabled Devices

  • User-Friendly Interface

It’s as simple as turning it on and connecting to the internet via Ethernet or a preexisting Wi-Fi network. Our intuitive, browser-based control panel makes comprehensive privacy and security only a few taps away. Whether you want to replace your router or extend your network, it’s easy to Go Ghost.



Advanced VPN & Cloud Capabilities

  • High-Speed VPN Client/Server

  • Bandwidth Sharing

  • Works behind Firewalls

  • Encrypted Cloud Storage Accessible from Home or On-the-Go

  • Supports External USB Storage Devices

Every Ghost router has the ability to act as a miniature VPN server for the Ghost network. As more servers are introduced into the network, the faster and more stable it becomes. By hosting a Ghost server, consumers are enabled to effectively sell their excess internet bandwidth without detriment to their own internet experience. The more people use Ghost and the Ghost Network, the more anonymous each individual user becomes. Stay in control of data by keeping it where it should be: in-house. Simply plug-in your USB storage device of choice and Ghost’s user interface will walk you through setting up your very own cloud. Giving you access to all your documents, media, and back-ups on the go while they’re resting safely at home.