Binary Aeon at EIE 2019

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April 24th, McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, a day with months in the making.

EIE 2019 Logo Starburst.png

Binary Aeon premiered at Scotland’s EIE annual technology investor showcase featuring Scotland’s most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.

Joining a cohort of game-changing, industry-disrupting start-ups, we were all ready to change the world. Throughout the programme we were provided with guidance, advisory, mentoring and seminars lasting entire days on everything from perfecting our elevator pitches, to how to network a room of investors and get down to brass tacks while conducting hard-nosed negotiations. Additionally, we got to know innovative start-ups and the inspiring work of other members of the cohort. The EIE programme was an experiential opportunity Binary Aeon is proud to have been a part of and to have grown with.

“In the run-up to the showcase I’d practiced the pitch so many times, but presenting to such a large and high-profile audience in such grand setting can still rattle nerves. The day before the official event I had the opportunity to run through the pitch on stage and wander through the exhibition rooms of McEwan Hall. Seeing our pod for the first time brought the experience to life as all of our hard work was paying-off. It was now my time to harness our energy and efforts to make Binary Aeon shine. Our pitch was part of the starting lineup. I got up there and finished our pitch with one second left, perfectly timed. The moment I returned to the stall things really started kicking off; one minute can seem like very little time to make an impression but we knocked it out of the park.” - Patrick Kilduff, Head of Business Development

After the pitches, the exhibition room was filled with fast paced interactions, quick handshakes, and the swapping of many business cards. From the moment exhibition doors opened it was a conveyor belt of interest in Binary Aeon and Project Gh0st; from investors and accelerators to business-support companies and legal firms. The reception we received at our first public outing was energising, electrifying and encouraging with many people believing in the bright future in store for Gh0st, the Smartchain, and the future of consumer privacy.

A big thanks to the team from Avrium, Bhairav Patel and Jenny Tsaliki, for being great pod neighbours and to Danny Helson for being a supportive and understanding Programme Manager. We at Binary Aeon are grateful to EIE for allowing us the opportunity to present our company and look forward to attending future conferences.

EIE is only the beginning for Binary Aeon. We are steadily growing and we will have more updates soon!