The Smartchain - Partnering with Shoptaki

The Shoptaki Smartchain is fast, flexible & energy-efficient whilst also easily regulated without compromising security or privacy.


Utilizing decentralized and centralized decision making, and policy management models, settlements can be reached in milliseconds with up to 200 transaction per second with the potential to reach over 2000 transactions per second at scale. Utilizing specialized distributed A.I. technology, A.I. Agents maximize the capability and compatibility of smart-contracts with a variety of coding languages, protocols, and data systems. The Smartchain is a scalable and sustainable platform that ensures the validity and integrity of transactions and processes by employing multi-layered security methods including quantum-safe asymmetric key exchange, advanced cryptography in all communications, and untraceable packet routing.


Binary Aeon has partnered with Shoptaki because of the promise of their technology. The Smartchain, unlike currently available distributed ledger systems, will enable us to confidently implement and scale the Gh0st ecosystem, particularly the Gh0st Network. With a low memory footprint and state of the art security, internet users everywhere will be able to enjoy the convenience of the digital world with the confidence that their data remains their data. Together, we believe that we will not only be able to realize our vision for Gh0st but also revolutionize the way we all think about distributed technologies and, more importantly, the way we all use the internet.

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