It Lives! - Announcing Gh0st Alpha v0.1

The Prototype

The first implementation of the Gh0st software has been successfully deployed on a 3rd-party router! After weeks of testing were happy to report that the software runs stably over both wired and wireless connections whether connected directly to a modem or running as an extension of another non-gh0st router’s network. Only clients connected to the Gh0st router benefited from all our currently configured components while clients of the host network were routed normally as intended.

Current Capabilities

Basic Ad-Blocking & Web-Filtering

Blocks Ads from thousands of sources from being downloaded across devices and services without an ad-blocker installed/active.

Basic Malware & Tracking Protection

Prevent well known exploits and malware from gaining network access or from being downloaded at all the while blocking trackers from sending you suspicious cookies.

Network Speed Optimization

Prevent bandwidth hogging and handle large network loads and maintain stable connections across client devices without buffering.

Local Cloud Storage

Set-up cloud storage on your local network by connecting an external hard-drive to Gh0st. Anyone on the local network is be able to access the shared the drive.

Wi-Fi Bridging

Whether you want to extend your current Wi-Fi network, keep using your old router, or if you want to set up a secure Wi-fi network separate from your normal network, Gh0st will do it all.

Personal VPN Server

Access your Secure Home Network from wherever you are. Browse the web from through the only network you trust. Yours.

DNS Hijacking & Leak Protection

Gh0st encrypts and re-routes your DNS requests to secure servers. Keeping what websites you look up private and makes sure the websites you’re direct to are the ones you intended to visit.

Tor Anonymization

All network traffic is togglable to be redirected through the Tor Onion Network, allowing users to get the privacy and security benefits of Onion Routing through any browser or application.