The Smart Home Smart Router

The Gh0st Router will transform the internet by providing users with control over the privacy and security of their data. Gh0st enables people to privately and securely browse the internet with ease in the comfort of their own home.

Gh0st employs a unique methodology utilizing advanced VPN capabilities to prevent data leaks and protect against common hacking strategies while integrating services like ad-blocking, privacy protection, and cloud storage right out of the box for all your internet connected devices. No installations, no subscriptions, no problems.


The Gh0st Network

The Privacy Shareconomy

The Gh0st Network provides users with the option to manage and trade their extra bandwidth through the use of Gh0st’s VPN functions in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Gh0st facilitates VPN connections between users by cryptographic-ally plotting routes and employing anonymous crypto-transactions to seamlessly and securely interconnect users. As more servers are introduced into the network, the faster and more stable it becomes. The more people use Gh0st, the more secure each individual user becomes.


The Smartchain


Rethinking the Blockchain

The Gh0st Network is supported by a revolutionary Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) dubbed the Smartchain, a dynamic multipurpose ecosystem that leverages the promises of blockchain technology, such as its immutability and tokenization capabilities, while integrating distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering a safe, efficient and global system for commercial processes.