A lot of our world is in binary: ones and zeroes that make up our lives. Those digits help us to do amazing things, but what if they get into the wrong hands? Governments that watch us, companies that track us, and groups that follow us. Rights like privacy, freedom of expression, and freedom of information steadily erode. That's where we come in.

We don't think technology and freedom should be at odds.

It’s Time to Live Free. Online and Off.

Who We Are

Binary Aeon is a technology company focused on bringing transparency and privacy to the forefront of the information technology world. We, at Binary Aeon dreamt of a world where those who do not fully understand the inner workings of today’s tech could afford and be afforded the privacy and security we all deserve. We will empower people to take back control of our own digital lives. Binary Aeon is committed to providing users of all levels of experience in technology the ability to retain control over their information and their internet experience.


What We Do

We provide easy-to-use tools designed to ensure a more private, secure, and transparent future for the internet. We provide, support, and employ technologies which give users the ability to maintain control of their data through platforms that are straightforward, user friendly, and adaptable to their needs. Our uniquely created and developed systems deliver a dependable, holistic and dynamic form of security for individuals, enterprises, and communities.

I really believe that we don’t have to make a trade-off between security and privacy. I think technology gives us the ability to have both.
— John Poindexter

Why We Do It

With its ability to provide real-time information across vast distances, the infrastructure that is the internet is becoming increasingly fundamental to human societies. While the Internet has forever changed key areas of society, such as politics, banking, academia, transport, shopping and journalism, to name a few, the ubiquity of the system has also created new challenges for democratic societies.

From scandals concerning mass surveillance, unfair censorship and hacking attacks, to journalists and academics revealing the manipulative and discriminatory power afforded by the systematic mass extraction and modelling of data, the risks inherent to cyberspace on citizens' privacy, security and freedom are clear to us, and we aim to not only raise awareness but also enact change. At Binary Aeon, our vision is to democratize the internet by returning the power of choice to the people.


Enacting Change

To enact this vision, the Ghost infrastructure employs encryption to ensure secure transportation and storage of data, thereby offering security by preventing hacking attempts and breaches. Gh0st also scrambles or blocks connections to data miners, hackers and trackers, thereby ensuring privacy by preventing digital profiling. Our infrastructure affords activists, vulnerable communities, and individuals to  freely associate online without being targeted or tracked by discriminating organizations. We aim to transform information technology by delivering a plug-and-play, affordable solution that provides users with privacy, security and internet freedom by design. 

Together, we can transition Information Technology into a new era of Privacy, Security, and Freedom.

Let’s transform the internet. Together.