A lot of our world is in binary: ones and zeroes that make up our lives. Those digits help us to do amazing things, but what if they get into the wrong hands? Governments that watch us, companies that track us, and groups that follow us. Rights like privacy slowly disappear. That's where we come in.

We don't think technology and freedom should be at odds.

It’s Time to Live Free. Online and Off.

Who We Are

Binary Aeon is a technology start-up focused on bringing transparency and privacy to the forefront of the information technology world. Our founder dreamt of a world where those who do not fully understand the inner workings of today’s technology could afford and be afforded the privacy and security we all deserve. We are committed to providing users of all levels of experience in technology the ability to retain control over their information and their internet experience.


What We Do

We provide easy-to-use tools designed to ensure a more private, secure, and transparent future for the internet. We provide, support, and employ technologies which give users the ability to maintain control of their data through platforms that are straightforward, user friendly, and customizable to their needs. Our uniquely created and developed system delivers a dependable, holistic and dynamic form of security for individuals and enterprises.

I really believe that we don’t have to make a trade-off between security and privacy. I think technology gives us the ability to have both.
— John Poindexter

Why We Do It

As internet access becomes increasingly fundamental to human existence, the true benefits and insecurities of globalization are realized. We believe everyone should understand the full implications of web surfing simply and easily. The dangers of mass surveillance and censorship, invasive terms of service agreements, and targeted advertising, imply the need for greater user awareness and safeguarding. Our value lies within a user’s ability to control their own data. We understand that every user will prefer varying levels of security, but all will rest assure that their data is secured. At Binary Aeon, our vision is to democratize the internet by returning the power of choice to the people.


Enacting Change

Where infrastructure lacks, Binary Aeon will be able to provide enhanced connective capabilities. Over time our modular distributed network, intertwined with our uniquely employed technologies, will provide an ocean of security and access where presently there is only a specious stream. In parts of the world where regimes curb and control freedoms of people to access and express themselves online, Binary Aeon’s uniquely developed systems lend a voice to the voiceless by delivering unfiltered and untracked internet access.

Together, we can transition Information Technology into a new era of Accessibility and Security.

Let’s transform the internet. Together.